Scheduling/ Booking

The nature of our industry is somewhat volatile and subject to change. We do our best to honor the time frames that we promise to our customers.

The problem usually arises when the previous job takes longer than expected and the customer in line gets delayed. In order to avoid this, we ask every customer that books with us to give us a written detailed list of items via email at the time of booking; therefore, we have an idea of the time that will be spent at a given job.

Now having said that, there is no way to know all the attributes that determine the length of a moving job.

  • There are certain things under our control (such as the pace of moving, the way we stock up, etc.),
  • certain things that customer has control over (such as level of their organization, if all small misc. items are boxed up or not,  etc.)
  • and, finally, the things that no one has control over (such as ease of access to loading and unloading zones, weather, and traffic).

We have been averaging a 1 to 2-hour delay time on very hectic end-of-the-month weekends on afternoon jobs, and that is a fantastic ratio in our industry.  If anyone else is telling you they will be there at a definite, certain time on an afternoon job, they are either not telling the truth, are possibly manipulating their schedule to secure the appointment, or they are not busy enough to schedule a morning job for that day. We start booking our afternoon customers with a 3-hour time frame and that takes care of any stress that may arise later on.

We try to be the BEST MOVING EXPERIENCE at the best possible, lowest cost to you.

Thanks for reading this link and please email us at:  [email protected] with booking requests, questions, or concerns.

Here are the things we need from you on your initial email:

  • Pick-up and drop-off addresses in detail
  • Your FULL NAME and a good cell phone number where we can reach you on moving day
  • The preferred time and date of your move
  • A detailed list for your moving job (how many bedrooms? Square feet? Any stairs or levels? Patio and/or office furniture? Anything extra-ordinary such as a safe, a treadmill, a hot tub, a piano, a large china cabinet, etc.)

As always, you can call AL at (904) 713-3677 with any questions.

We wish you all a happy and stress-free move!



Legal Disclaimer: We reserve right to refuse service under below conditions:

  • The customer threatens to harm employees or other patrons
  • The customer’s presence may create an issue of safety or health hazards
  • The business has reached maximum capacity
  • The business is not open (i.e., not normal business hours)


Our Business Hours:

Monday thru Sunday between 9:00am to 6:00pm