Welcome to ATI MOVERS, LLC a family owned local small business serving Jacksonville and surrounding areas! — We also serve anywhere in Florida going to/ coming from Jacksonville!


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ATI Movers, LLC

Phone: (904) 713-3677

Email:  info@atimovers.com

We are a Family Owned LOCAL Small Moving Business. Licensed & INSURED!
We understand trying to find a Reliable Mover for your moving needs is stressful on top of everything else you deal with about your moving. Well, We are here to relieve that stress off of your shoulders. We’ll provide old-fashioned, quality customer service that is trademark to Southeast.
We’ll show up on time, move your possessions to your satisfaction, and do it all under a binding estimate that means what you’re quoted is what you pay, period.
YOU CAN CALL US AT (904) 713-3677 anytime. Small or big jobs, Last minute calls! No Worries we got you covered as your local moving company operating in Jax and surrounding areas.
Always ask for a written guarantee and ask for Company name and Florida reg. IM number when you are shopping for a moving service.
You can visit Florida Agricultural and Consumer services website to check on a license or simply call the state to verify it. (our license number with State is IM:2167)
Always deal with Local companies who has a proven track record. Ask for references.
We have been serving our customers with a combined experience of 10 plus years in moving and logistics and we are a family owned local company.
Please do not fall in to low balling phishing attemps of unlicensed guys. They promise something that they can not deliver. If the price is too low, the chances of them showing up to do your job are very slim. Or even if they do how much would they care? Would they have the proper equipment or the expertise for a smooth move?

We have the most aggressive pricing you can find from a professional licensed and insured moving company:

We charge hourly for 2 Men Team and 3 Men Team. For larger moves we can provide a 4 Men Team or more per request. CALL US FOR A QUOTE and YOU WILL BE SUPRISED ON YOUR SAVINGS with our LOW RATES!

*So far this year we have been averaging         2 bedrooms for 2-4 hours,

                                                                        3 bedrooms for 3-6 hours

                                                                        4 bedrooms for 4-8 hours

  • The level of organization really matters with the time we spend so we suggest every customer to pack properly to help with a smooth move. Please read the moving tips link on top right at our website – http://atimovers.com/moving-tips  – to make your move faster and smoother!
    • We have a 2 hour Minimum charge on each job.
    • We prefer payment as cash but If you want to use credit card then there is a %4 processing/ merchant fee we have to imply on top of the total.
    • Time will start as you sign the contract once movers arrive at your starting location, and it will end once they deliver the last piece.
      We will prorate the exact minutes and will not round up the time to help you save most amount of money.
    • If you have an item weighing over 150lbs please specify what it is and dimensions (depending on what the item is we may have a fair extra charge for items such as Marble/ Granite Tops, SAFE, Treadmills and other gym equipment, FISH TANKS, PIANOs and etc…)  – No worries as we will give you the exact charge upfront so no suprises nor last minute gauge up on pricing with us!

    There will be NO BREAKS and if there is those times will be deducted at the end.

    We provide assembling and dis-assembling of furniture and beds at no additional cost!

Here is another important factor: You save with us both at beginning and at end!
We do not start our time at our warehouse! We start it when you sign the contract at your pick up location! Also we prorate the exact minutes, per say if your job takes 2 hrs and 12 minutes we will not round up to the closest hour like most others do! We will prorate you at that exact minute mark.

Anything better than these terms is most likely too good to be true.

We use Dollies, 4-Wheeler, Tie Downs and Extra padded Blankets to securely move your household items.

We provide a written contract on every deal that protects you and your belongings. We are State Licensed, and INSURED!  – This is the way to do a Moving business. –
Thanks for reading about us and supporting locally owned Small Businesses.

Looking forward serving you!

Ph: (904) 713-3677
Email: info@atimovers.com

“Ati Movers, LLC is registered with State of FLORIDA as a MOVER. REG. No: IM2167”


Legal Disclaimer: We reserve right to refuse service under below conditions:

  • The customer threatens to harm employees or other patrons
  • The customer’s presence may create an issue of safety or health hazards
  • The business has reached maximum capacity
  • The business is not open (i.e., not normal business hours)


Our Business Hours:

Monday thru Sunday between 9:00am to 7:00pm